Glee Posters: Somebody to Love

but shh, it’s a secret. no one can ever know. x


watch glee, they said

it’s a comedy, they said

stop crying you’re flooding the house, they said

what are you doing with that axe, they said



#quinn would much rather be in the bride’s dress #quinn would rather die than watch you marry him

#Quinn’s rolling her eyes like #fuck that imma be in white at your wedding Rachel #and by your wedding #I mean our wedding #which will take place after we’ve been dating #for several years and we’re out of college #and you’re becoming successful on Broadway #and my acting career is taking off #so we’ve both achieved our dreams #and we won’t resent one another for holding the other back from reaching their potential #and we’ve lived together and have a dog and maybe a cat #and I cook dinner for you every night #even after you have a late show #and you make me tea in the morning so my throat is moist and ready to run lines #and we make sure to have at least one weekly date out #where we walk around NYC even in the middle of winter #and we talk about our future #the children we hope to have #and we argue because I say we have 2 or 3 and you want 5 or 6 #since you were an only child #maybe I convince you that the world cannot handle that many Rachel Berries running around #but then you tell me they’ll have the best of both of our qualities #so I just spin you in my arms and kiss you 


something something cheat on their pregnant girlfriends/wives, just not her

you can’t hate me for sending you on your way

you can’t… you have an amazing life ahead of you

i’m not going to stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying finn hudson

like come on



#it’s never been about r/f/q  #this is all r/q no matter what rachel sees  #for quinn - and she may realize this soon given the promo - it’s always been about them two