It’s not okay to wear a Glee “Likes boys” shirt if you’re a straight girl, and it’s important that you understand why. The shirt isn’t supposed to advertise your support of Glee. It’s designed to point out what you are most uncomfortable with about yourself, what you’ve always believed was wrong about you, and to then take that discomfort and make it a point of pride. It’s taking ownership of a part of yourself you are taught to hate. It’s a self-loving act of defiance.

But when a straight girl wears a “Likes boys” shirt, she takes that idea and smears it all over the ground. It’s It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced bullying for liking a guy because he was weird or different or whatever. That is nothing compared to the constant 24/7 harassment of LGBTQ people. It’s just not, and it never will be. Even if you date “the weird guy,” you’re still dating a guy. Heterosexuality is the accepted, “normal” sexuality. You’re still fitting into the social norm. No one is going to spit on you for holding hands in public. No one is going to throw drinks at you or shout obscene words if you kiss. No one is going to attack you or possibly kill you because you love him. No bullying you will face because you’re with him will ever compare to the bullying experienced by LGBTQ people. Does that make the bullying any less wrong? Of course not, but it’s wrong in a completely different way and shouldn’t be handled through this shirt.t

The point is that by liking people of the opposite sex you automatically have a level of privilege in society that some people can never have. Expressing your attraction to the opposite sex through a t-shirt designed to promote and validate same-sex attraction isn’t a defiant act of love. It’s not an edgy or cool statement. It’s a senseless act of appropriation, and it’s wrong.