It’s not okay to wear a Glee “Likes boys” shirt if you’re a straight girl, and it’s important that you understand why. The shirt isn’t supposed to advertise your support of Glee. It’s designed to point out what you are most uncomfortable with about yourself, what you’ve always believed was wrong about you, and to then take that discomfort and make it a point of pride. It’s taking ownership of a part of yourself you are taught to hate. It’s a self-loving act of defiance.

But when a straight girl wears a “Likes boys” shirt, she takes that idea and smears it all over the ground. It’s It doesn’t matter if you’ve experienced bullying for liking a guy because he was weird or different or whatever. That is nothing compared to the constant 24/7 harassment of LGBTQ people. It’s just not, and it never will be. Even if you date “the weird guy,” you’re still dating a guy. Heterosexuality is the accepted, “normal” sexuality. You’re still fitting into the social norm. No one is going to spit on you for holding hands in public. No one is going to throw drinks at you or shout obscene words if you kiss. No one is going to attack you or possibly kill you because you love him. No bullying you will face because you’re with him will ever compare to the bullying experienced by LGBTQ people. Does that make the bullying any less wrong? Of course not, but it’s wrong in a completely different way and shouldn’t be handled through this shirt.t

The point is that by liking people of the opposite sex you automatically have a level of privilege in society that some people can never have. Expressing your attraction to the opposite sex through a t-shirt designed to promote and validate same-sex attraction isn’t a defiant act of love. It’s not an edgy or cool statement. It’s a senseless act of appropriation, and it’s wrong.

2012 is not the the apocalypse, but rather the year in which LGBT people will rise up and overthrow the heterosexual overlords.


Only Beyonce and Christopher Meloni shall be spared in the coming war.

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At what age did you choose to NOT be gay?

““With adults, it’s a fight for laws like marriage equality. It is not so much laws with the kids; it is economics. It’s a fight for resources. That’s what our community hasn’t quite gotten yet; we have to fight for resources to protect our kids. How dare we say ‘it gets better’ to the kids if we are not willing to fight to make sure they have what they need.” - Carl Siciliano” —

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#Fighting for gay marriage is a first class problem #Fighting for queer youth is a world class problem




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There’s no way I can say this without someone taking it the wrong way or for offending someone…


I posted this a while ago, but I’m going to bring it back:

Hey, all…

Hi, I’ve been seeing a lot of people just feeling worthless, saying they’re giving up, saying that no one cares, and saying that there isn’t a point to dealing with the bullshit of everyday life. I am hearing this on the internet and in real {physical} life. The bullying is not just related to gay, lesbian, transgender, and questioning youth, but related to everything.

So, that is why I decided to post all of the ‘It Gets Better’ videos. I’ll probably post more eventually, but we need to remind each other that while there are hateful people, it gets better. We need to let people know that we care about them and we are there for them if anything happens or they need someone to talk to. We need to be the advocates for the necessary change. 

And to anyone who reads this who this applies to…
There are many people out there and many groups who do care about you. I care about you. A fucking lot. I am here if you need me. I know, we don’t know each other, but sometimes talking to strangers about the harder issues is easier. I can promise you, people in your life do care. It does and will get better, I promise you that.

Organizations that can help

  1. The Trevor Project
  2. Hopeline
  3. Think Before You Speak
  4. It Gets Better Project
  5. Lesbian Gay Bi Youth Line
  6. Living Is For Everyone (Australia)
  7. Living Works
  8. Center for the Prevention of Suicide
  9. International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)
  10. March Of Voices
  11. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  12. Out of the DarknessCommunity Walks
  13. Grin Campaign
  14. Straight But Not Narrow

There are so many more communities, organizations, websites, and people who will help you. 

I am here for you. I love you, you are amazing, strong, powerful, one of a kind, and the world can’t lose that. It gets better. It really does.

I know that this is lengthy and you probably won’t read it all, but please, READ THIS PART: Please, reblog the videos. Let people know that there are people who do care. Please, if anything, just do that.

You don’t need to click read more, that’s just my honest opinion on the situation, but just reblog the links, it could help someone.



** There is a what you can do and what you can’t do in society. I mean yeah, don’t yell fire in a crowded theater, don’t commit a crime, etc. are pretty big universal NO’s, but there are things that our parents were raised on, that they believe are wrong. We can’t change that, we can change the future and what we do from here on out. 

“And isn’t it funny how you say that bullying is such a part of growing up, but it really doesn’t have to be? And isn’t that unfortunate that the overlying theme is ‘Well that’s just what you go through’”

—Dianna Agron